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Working in Dubai - The Financial Benefits (Salary, Bonuses, Allowances)

Hi, Sunil here to discuss how working in Dubai is like (updated initially for 2008 facts. 2012 Update: things have turned due to the global economic slowdown).

I have had so many friends move there recently to take up job opportunities they could not refuse.

A lot of this discussion is based on what I have learned from them and from my own independent research of Dubai.

Working in Dubai can be very good for many when compared to some of the western nations, especially the ‘no personal taxation’ part.

I am not sure how many of you have worked overseas, but if you had, you will be able to see the benefits of working here right away.

I am sure that the thought of so many workers not having to pay any personal tax must be giving some taxman a nightmare, but hey, let us enjoy the fruits of our labor. That is the attitude of the Dubai government at least.

The neat thing about having no personal tax is that you get to have a much higher net income than most of the workers elsewhere. Of course, it also depends on the job and the salary that comes with it. But by and large, the income per person is definitely much higher here than any other place.

In the past, the salary used to be separated as housing allowance, vehicle allowance, rent allowance but now, everyone gets paid a flat sum. In retrospect, this makes more sense and allows you more freedom to do what you want to do with your money.

Don’t forget the bonuses that some are lucky enough to get paid. Most of these bonuses are performance based and are a healthy percentage of base salary (also called basic salary). So if you do a good job, then you are sure to be rewarded for your hard work in one form or the other.

That’s another thing that I find attractive about working in Dubai. Hard work is certainly and immediately rewarded unlike other places where you would have to wait for months on end before any reward comes your way.

The blue-collar workers or the contract workers get paid an indemnity at the end of their contract period. So if you have been a blue-collar worker in Dubai for a long time, then you can get paid quite a hefty sum at the end as a reward for your hard labor. That is a whole lot more than what the other blue collar workers are paid elsewhere. It’s like getting a lump sum pension at a young age.

Most of the blue-collar workers in Dubai generally come from overseas, seeking a quick way to make some good money. The indemnity is based on their basic pay and depending on their duration here, it is adjusted accordingly.

The working hours are basically the same as elsewhere, ranging anywhere from 40 hours and upwards. The timings are mostly the same for both the blue-collar workers as well as the white-collar workers. Being a Muslim country, Fridays are naturally off with an additional off day being granted on Thursday or Saturday.

Being a white-collar worker or a blue-collar worker here carries benefits like insurance to other similar ones. With a high net income and a decent insurance plan to boot, it is no wonder that work in Dubai is much sought after by job hunters worldwide.

Working in Dubai is not a cakewalk, with some of the companies potentially delaying your salary on account of one problem or the other. The salary will get paid, so you will need to be patient until then. Global multi national firms are usually more punctual. Working in Dubai is an experience in itself, one that is sure to add a great deal to your life experience.

If you are strongly considering a job in Dubai, I highly recommend you read the Dubai Job Secrets guide. It is the best and most comprehensive resource for anyone seriously considering working in Dubai.

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